Appears in: First Channel, Channel's Destiny

Sime - Channel - Male

Son of Abel Veritt, brother to Hope Carson and Uncle to Marji Carson. Margid Veritt, Abel's wife is not Jord's biological mother. Jord's birth mother died of attrition at his birth, later to be a sign that the child is a channel, but unknown at this stage in Sime Gen history ( - 533 Unity)

He did not accept Rimon Farris and Kadi when they first came to Fort Freedom but eventually changed his mind.

A junct, and at that time, undiscovered channel, Jord first took a non-Kill transfer from Willa, who he later married. Later, after Willa died, Jord Killed Jon Forester.

Jord learned how to be a channel, like Rimon.

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