Appears in:  First Channel, Channel's Destiny

Gen  - Companion - Female

In early portion of First Channel, Kadi had not yet established, yet she was almost 16 at the beginning of the book.

Wife to Rimon Farris, mother of Zeth.

Name pronounced:  Kah-dee   Called "Kadidid" by Rimon

Parents:  Ran and Marna Morcot.  Sister:  Serri

(Source:  Index card file.  First Channel -- card marked BACKGROUND)  Her presence always made Rimon feel better, even when she was a child  She could always make him laugh.  Took care of Rimon after his transfers. (When she is a child Rimon takes Kills. Zoe)

Description:  Shining, flaming and bright red hair covering her neck, deep blue eyes, taller than average; slender, getting slightly curvy.

Rimon had never seen her afraid of anything --- seems fearless.  She had shared a bedroll with Rimon on camping trips.  Saved Rimon's sanity and life often, right after his changeover.  "Nager of pure, solid, ruddy-gold glory."

(Source:  Index card file.  First Channel -- card marked STORY)  At establishment, tells her mother that Syrus Farris promised her to Nerob.  She ran for the border and was captured by Gen traders.  Taken to Reloc and put on display as numb emotionally, rather than afraid.  Shows contempt for the customers' public display of Need.  Rescued by Rimon, they go to the border.  Kadi captured by rough Gens  Rimon and sime border patrol "rescue" her.  She manages to give Rimon transfer.  They decide to live together.  Syrus sends them away from the Genfarm.  They homestead.  After their first home is burned, they build another.  They get to know the people of Fort Freedom.  Kadi rides through sime town, warning of Wild Gen raid of Fort Freedom.

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