The Gulf Territory Householding pledged to Freedom and specializing in commerce.  (See the novel, Ambrov Keon by Jean Lorrah, DAW 1986.) The novel, Ambrov Keon, is set in the year -20 Unity, 5 years prior to the events of House of Zeor

See: Unity Calendar

In -20 Unity, the House of Keon is in disarray.  It is one of only 2 Householdings that have sprung up in Gulf Territory after merely hearing of the possibility of channels, channeling, and Householdings based on channeling.  But in -20  Keon is faltering economically and suffering from a lack of channels.  The First Companion in Keon, Sergi ambrov Keon, rescues a young Sime, Risa Tigue, and in giving her transfer he discovers she is a channel of considerable potential. Risa, however, is junct and has no interest in the perversions of householders.

Sergi is persistent, however, and eventually persuades Risa to come to Keon and disjunct. Her rationale is that it makes economic sense to use the same Gen for more than one transfer. The novel Ambrov Keon details Risa's growth and change as she disjuncts, learns to channel, and ultimately becomes Sectuib in Keon. An alternative or subtitle for Ambrov Keon might be The  Development of a Sectuib.

Risa transforms the House of Keon into an economic powerhouse, and puts the channeling staff on a solid footing, before they learn how very different the Tigue channels and Gens are. The Tigue mutation is the second mutation identified (the Farris mutation was the first), and is in many ways the polar opposite of the Farris.

Farrises see Tigues as blunt, insensitive, and using their considerable nageric power as a sledge hammer. Tigues see Farrises as prima donnas who expect the world to know all their peculiarities and protect them from everything including themselves. Nevertheless, beneath their differences the two families respect one another and recognize that their abilities are complementary.

The two separate sets of characters in House of Zeor and Ambrov Keon meet in Zelerod's Doom (Year -1 to Year 0) and transform the world, establishing Unity and beginning the expansion of The Tecton into the Modern Tecton, which later becomes the World Tecton and eventually the Interstellar Tecton.  Householding Keon leaps at the opportunity presented by an interstellar space drive, designs, builds and crews the first Earth colony ship which leaves Earth before any other colonizing attempt is launched beyond the solar system. 

(Source:  Householding Registry on Householding: Carre --- Colors: Red --- Virtue: Freedom --- Business or Specialty: Commerce --- Head of Householding: Sosectu ambrov Keon

(Source:  Index card file.  Attributed to Jean Lorrah -- May 17, 1977)  At the time of Mahogany Trinrose, Head of Householding is a Gen, Sogar ambrov Keon.  His daughter will be a Tigue channel and Keon is waiting for her to grow up.  Her mother died in childbirth, and Sogar names her Selina --- his life force, the only thing keeping her alive.

(Source: Jean Lorrah, 6/28/13.

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