A drug which removed inhibitions. In discussions on the Sime~Gen List and #SimeGen Undernet mIRC channel --- [See Sime~Gen Roleplaying]  (both discussion groups moved onto Facebook as of 2012, and may move again).  Kerduvon has been likened in some ways to some esoteric theories of LSD and other ritual psychotropic substances. In Mahogany Trinrose, it is a legendary substance which Ercy Farris hopes will help her father, Digen Farris, to become unjunct (not disjunct because he's only technically junct, and has never Killed).

It is also used to open Ercy's junct pathways, clearing her anti-kill conditioning and allowing her Endowment to function without causing her death and the death of others around her via her uncontrolled pyrotic talent. 

(Source:  Index card file, labeled JACQUELINE, Conversation)  Kerduvon puts one in a totally maleable state -- removes all imposed conditioning during that time. Person doing it with you (who also takes the drug) has a lot to do with the way you come out of it.  Two people taking the drug together who don't know what they're doing is very dangerous.  Unsafe to let it out to the general public, since one can be so easily controlled and molded.

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