The point where a junct Sime, who is past First Year, who has rejected the Kill and who takes channel's transfer comes to a point where their body Needs to take a real Kill.

From: Zelerod's Doom, Ch 4. 'Tan had insisted on accompanying them as a representative of the Gulf Territory government who was not a Householder. Susi, of course, traveled with her father, for she knew as well as Risa that although he seemed fine after she forced yet another transfer into him, kill-crisis was rapidly approaching'

From email from Jean Lorrah May 2013, regarding Kill Crisis. 'Tan is too old to disjunct, and is not consciously trying to do so. However, he now knows in his heart that Gens are people, the triumph and tragedy of unity with a small "u." Once a junct sime undergoes that epiphany s/he is on the path to disjunction--but what would be disjunction crisis in First Year becomes Kill Crisis in an adult, because actual disjunction (separation from the Kill) is physically, though not emotionally, impossible.

There are various ways to satisfy Kill crisis. Direct Gen transfer will work, often for years, if a matchmate can be found. But more often than not there is no matchmate, and a channel or Donor has to try to create the illusion of the Kill until the day when that won't work anymore and the only way to save the sime's life is to trick him/her into taking a real Kill, a Pen Gen. But that, too, will only work so many times--and one day the sime will reach true disjunction crisis, and die rather than ever kill again

From email from Jacqueline Lichtenberg May 2013 'Yes, "Kill Crisis" is the obverse of "disjunction crisis" -- but it's the same thing seen from two different points of view in different situations.'

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