The same contact points apply to Kill Positions as they do to Transfer Positions

Contact Points (Transfer Points) -- For adults the regular positions are for the Sime's four lateral tentacles to rest against the forearms of the Gen, with handling tentacles holding both the Gen's and the Sime's arms together to prevent dislodgement of the delicate lateral tentacles. The fifth contact point is best taken from the lip to lip contact for higher sensitivity, and for more precise control of selyn transfer speed by a channel, but it can be taken at any other point.

(Source:  Index card fileFirst ChannelFreeband Raiders

(1)  Hands grasping breasts, lip-to-lip contact.

(2)  From behind --- hands on collarbones --- tentacles to neck --- laterals on the throat, near the jugular --- mouth to nape of neck.

Gens feel more pain, take longer to die.

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