A transfer that is given to a renSime where the Channel uses a showfield of Gen fear and pain, so that for the renSime they get the satisfaction of having Killed, though no one actually dies.

From: Channel's Destiny, Ch 11. '...His showfield was infinitely stronger than Eph Norton's. Jimmy dropped his father and lunged at Zeth, who met him with the first Killmode transfer he had ever given, riding on the ambient of the room.' Note that after the Secret Pens are abolished, ( 15 Unity ) Killmode Transfer is illegal.  It is for sustaining juncts too old to disjunct.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Killmode Transfer" --- Attributed to Jean Lorrah --- February 22, 1977)  Criminally wasteful of selyn.  AMOUNT of selyn not as important as the QUALITY OF THE FEAR.

Sime is after an emotional experience of ascendency over a threat --- selyn repletion is only a side effect in the Kill, necessary but not primary.

See: Killbliss, Slilbliss

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