Appears in: Zelerod's Doom, "Donation" (AMBROV ZEOR fanzine #3)  and Ambrov Keon

Also known as Kreg ambrov Keon 

GenCompanion - Male

Risa's younger brother who was murdered years ago.

(Source:  Index card file.  Kreg -- "Donation" by Jean Lorrah)  Twelve and-a-half year-old brother of Risa Tigue, who was his guardian since their father died.  As tall at 12 as his father had been.  He had a different mother than Risa.  Gave his first transfer to his sister, Risa, right after she recovered from disjunction.

Died a martyr to the the cause of Unity, was pledged ambrov Keon and buried at the Householding, sometime within two years of his and Risa's arrival.  Doesn't say how he died just mentions his grave with trefoil marker.   [see Ambrov Keon (novel)]