Appears in: RenSime

SimerenSime – Female

Laneff is a rare Farris renSime, and was believed to be a potential Donor based on her Prenatal Selyn Draw. When she changed over Out-Territory, her friend Fay comforted her as Fay's parents drove the hour and a half to the local Sime Center, through a storm that caused the road to become blocked. A Gen officer, a Third Order Donor, guided them to the centre where laneff went through breakout before she could get into the building.

The Third Order Donor who gave her First Transfer could not deal with her Farris draw speed and was Killed.

Still deep in Need the Second Order channel as the center took over and fed her selyn but her speed was to great and he also died.

She Disjuncted and joined her parent's HouseSat'htine , a house dedicated to healing.

From: RenSime, Ch 8. 'She was renSime, never to be Gen, never to participate in the channel's service. She might have lived with that, but now she was also junct. The Gen who'd offered her transfer had known her to be only a renSime, and had been unafraid until her draw had built relentless pain, nerve burn and death. The Second Order channel had understood only that a Farris renSime had killed and still needed. He had not anticipated that her draw speed could kill him. Had he been prepared, he could have aborted on her,but, out-Territory, he had not even considered such a possibility.'

While at the funeral service of Digen Farris, Laneff is set up by the Diet and exposed to Gen Pain and Fear to such extreme that she Kills and re-Juncts. Now Junct Laneff will be taken to a last year house, but she is whisked away by the Distect's Sosectu, Yuan Sirat Tiernan.

Believing she hasn't long to live, Laneff grabs at the opportunity to continue her work on distinguishing Sime from Gen before birth in the Distect's hidden lab. Jarmi, a young Distect Gen, wants to assist Laneff and to be her transfer mate.

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