Tecton run facilities that houses Simes who are junct and too old for disjunction. They live on channel's transfer until they reach a point where they can no longer tolerate it without the biochemical Need for a real Kill becoming so strong that eventually they die. Most Juncts die within a year if they cannot Kill, and are not allowed to be free because that is what would happen.

From: RenSime, Ch 2. 'She (Laneff) struggled halfheartedly, a token resistance, for she knew that if she fought she would seek to Kill again. It was, the only honor she had left, for by Tecton law she was doomed to death by attrition of selyn ,death in the Last Year House, where she would not be allowed to Kill again. She was too old to disjunct again. She would die for lack of the Kill. A year at the most.'

From: RenSime, Ch 6. 'Teeren House was the Last Year House just off the Rialite campus, and run mostly by the Zeor Farrises who answered to Mairis. It was an old renovated Householding compound, originally built to be defended against Freeband Raiders. "They were foolish to attack Teeren," said Laneff.'

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