Full lateral contact examination. 

A channel grips the Gen's arms with handling tentacles, then makes contact with the lateral tentacles in order to gain the highest possible resolution on the details of the Gen's physical condition.  This is the same position a channel would use for personal transfer, or to take a donation of selyn from any Gen, so it can be frightening to the Gen, and dangerous to the channel should the Gen panic.

Alternatively, the term Lateral Probe applies to a channel making a full lateral contact with another channel or with a renSime, as if to give a transfer.  The position involves twining handling tentacles and then twining lateral tentacles to gain the highest possible resolution of the other Sime's physical condition.

Most medical examinations do not require such actual physical contact as most of the information about anyone's physical condition is registered in the nager.  However, a nager can be hard to read exactly, so contact is necessary to verify some details. 

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  Channel on Gen in full transfer position, with showfield adjusted to the Gen's field for zero selyn flow.

Fully exposed to Gen's field, able to sense the Gen's entire body, inside and out, to feel with the Gen's senses, even more keenly than the Gen himself could.

Through observing involuntary responses to sime's field, can see "slil."

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