Appears in: Ambrov Keon and  Donation -- (

Sime - Channel - Female

Wife of Nedd, Sectuib in Keon. Litith acted as Householding secretary.

Litith helped care for Risa as she went into disjunction crisis and waited outside with her husband while Sergi stayed with Risa.

Nedd and Litith announced that she was having a baby shortly before the Householding was attacked and Nedd was murdered.

Litith supports Risa as Sectuib and explains to Risa that the position of Sectuib is not a hereditary one.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Donation"  Wife of Sectuib Nedd Varnst.  Sime.  Gave birth to son who would be a channel if he survives.  Received transfer from husband and Risa during birth to prevent her death, but did very poorly post-partum.

Had needed an excessive number of transfers in a short period of time which put her nervous system into shock.  Nerves were so over-strained she was unable to accept any more transfers and was in Need, until Nedd effected transfer allowing her a month to heal.

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