A tube about a foot long and four inches in diameter. In House of Zeor, Runzi's Raiders used them to send information back and forth. Requires tentacles, and set combination to open them.

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)   A tube about a foot long and four inches in diameter.  Outside carved in an intricate design and painted in shades of red.  Ends sealed by blank caps of metal.  If opened improperly, bursts into flame as soon as air enters --- contents destroyed.

Secret, tricky combination, different for each tube. 

Klyd gets the tube from "executed" Raider messenger, pokes in the carvings.  Takes a hot poker to score one of the lines of the pattern, then applied pressure in 18 points simultaneously.  Cylinder fell into 2 halves. It contained 1 coded pages and handwritten letter from Andle to Tellalian

Takes Klyd several hours to close the cylinder so it looks unopened --- getting the heat sealing substance, using it to regain the former pattern.  Left the tube next to the messenger's body.  

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