People in both Sime Territory and Gen Territory maintained military defemses against each other before Unity.

Simes attacked Gen installations to collect Wild Gens and to prevent build-up of counter-attack capability.

Gens attacked Sime installations to keep down the threat of Simes raiding to collect Gen citizens for the Kill.

At Unity, both Territories united against the mass of Freeband Raiders sweeping across the land, ignoring borders and Territory rights.

(Source:  Index card file.  House of ZeorGen towns have walls and apparent defenses.  Gen treatment of sime prisoners --- day and night questioning, sometimes lasting a month, until the prisoner died of attrition --- given nothing to eat or drink, and constantly wearing retainers.

Gens used rifles on raids --- range was less than the sensing range of a renSimeRaiders used well-coordinated infighting teams against individual riders --- composed of 4 simes.  Confuse the horse, one vaults up behind victim and disarms him.  The third Raider pulled a complex harness over the victim's head.  With the help of the 4th sime, got the victim to the ground, blindfolded --- Killed the first few to panic the other riders --- Simes in hard Need led the group --- attacked key point man first --- weeds out the irresponsible and weaklings among the Raiders --- many casulaties in first attack.

Gen sharpshooters did pick off Raiders.

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