A channel  who supports a transfer pair and monitors the transfer, nagerically, and who is able to intervene if necessary, or to be able to zlin for any danger to either party during the transfer.

Note: neither channels nor Donors/Companions ever welcome monitoring of a transfer.  Transfer is considered private.  Most channels will go to great lengths to avoid a situation where monitoring would be advisable or even indicated.

From: Sime Surgeon, Ch 2. '... "Tecton Transfer Code, Article thirty-three, Paragraph twenty, subsection three. 'In addition to the above cases, monitors shall be employed wherever there is reason to doubt stability quotients.' ...'

From: Sime Surgeon, Ch 7. '...Hayashi matched fields and moved into a monitor's position. He would read the field for Imrahan, and if necessary, use his own body to regulate the flow.'

(Source:  Index card file.  Sime Surgeon ---  A channel who monitors a transfer between two other people, as Digen does for Ilyana and Mickland.  Monitor holds contacts on both participants, keeping careful track of selyn flow, woven into the transfer circut --- keeps up own internal resistance high so that selyn flow stays outside own body, but responds to the flow and can control its rate if necessary.  May be assisted by a Donor.

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