Appears in: Ambrov Keon, Zelerod's Doom

Sime Channel - Male


Sectuib in Keon prior to Risa, he could barely hold the House together.  Sergi, as Keon's best Companion, could not desert Nedd.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Sectuib Nedd Varnst of Householding Keon" -- Attributed to Jean Lorrah --- from the story "Donation" which appeared in the fanzine AMBROV ZEOR #3)  Channeled selyn to his wife, Litith, during the birth of his son, and afterward effected transfer during her critical period, saving her life.

Gave Risa her first transfer from a channel.

Link to the short story "Donation" on the domain

(Source:  Index card file)  Nedd, Sectuib ambrov Keon, required Sergi, so Sergi didn't go to Zeor and train with Klyd back when Sergi was young.

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