Said to be comparable to the way a Sime has a Need for selyn by some Companions. Not technically the same, but the intensity felt by some Companions makes them feel it as a kind of Need.

From: First Channel, Ch 6.--- Kadi speaking to Rimon after their First Transfer. ' "It wasn't just me! Rimon, you did something, and it stopped hurting long enough so I remembered how desperate you felt, and then suddenly I could feel it myself, a, need to give...." '

From First Channel, Ch 23. --- Willa grasped Jord's arms, and with a flick of her field threw him into helpless Need,shocking every Sime in the chapel but immediately damping any effect as she attacked Jord with her own Need to give, assuaging his pain, filling the bleak void in him, easing away all his tensions in one outpouring.

From: Channel's Destiny, Ch 4. --- Owen talking to Zeth. "Maybe it was. Maybe I can't help it any more than a Sime can. You don't know what it's like not to be able to help a Sime in Need! The ˜Need to give,' your mother calls it. The Simes say that's gibberish, that Gens don't feel anything but sympathy, but they're wrong. You'll see, if you're Gen." '

(Source:  Index card file.  First ChannelKadi has a need to give (actual Simelan word "NEED.")  "I can't stand to see you in Need like this ... it HURTS."

Kadi's DESIRE --- "...She was reflecting his Need somehow, absorbing it, and playing it back to him in a new form of intense but painless desire."

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