The Territory which amalgamated many small Sime Territories to form a stretch of sime controlled lands across the middle of the North American continent, which along with the "dustbowl" in the middle, contains enough arable land to support a large number of Genfarms.

Origin of Nivet Territory

Nivet Territory was formed originally when a gang of Freeband Raiders captured an entire town full of Gens and settled down for the Winter.  But it was one of those very long winters -- possibly because of a Supervolcano on the other side of the planet -- and a very bad Spring with nearly no Summer.  The Raiders just stayed put.  The leader was named Nivet, and he (or maybe it was a she, history doesn't say as gender just wasn't important in the face of larity) simply laid claim to a large piece of land, bred the Gens and had them work the fields for their own food.  They Raided adjacent Gen settlements, and gradually created the first Sime Territory with actual borders, created the Pen System and Pen Taxes to support it, and an entire junct government and junct civilization.  

Other Freeband Raiders followed suit, and before long there were little dots, islands of Sime Territories across the landscape.  The successor to Nivet leadership drove their borders all the way across the Wild Gen region to the nearest Sime Territory and amalgamated it into Nivet.  Successors to this Nivet character kept going, swallowing the little Sime puddles of Territories one at a time until Nivet Territory stretched from the Mizipi River to the Mountains.

Everywhere in that Nivet Territory, the term of respect, to indicate an owner of land (granted of course by The Nivet him/herself, or the successors) was N'vet, referring to the chief of the Freeband Raiders who granted his/her minions land rights.  After Unity this is a term which gradually shifts meaning, as the original meaning was minion of the chief thug, there are social segments that consider it an insult.

See: N'vet (Term)

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