Stated simply:  "As one First, All Firsts."   (also see:  First Order)

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  First Order Donors and channels take special vows to each other.  Snatches taken from these vows --- 

"... a First has opened me to my first level..." 

"...this was done to me that I may serve mankind, but not myself." 

" one First has been to me, all Firsts will be to me..."

"...if one fails, all fail."

"I will look upon him who shall have taught me this Art even as one of my Parents.  I will share my substance with him, and I will supply his necessities, if he be in Need.  I will regard his offspring even as my own brethren, and I will teach them this Art, if they would learn it, without fee or covenant..."

Reactions on becoming a First:  Qualification:  Awe, the fear of holding such power, "such a source of knowledge."

"...the terrible sense of responsibility to something above and beyond themselves.  No one person could face it alone.  In those very first moments of realization of the harm --- or the good --- they could do, they had all turned to the one whose touch opened them, and through him drew on the strength of all who carried this same burden --- the "Firsts."

The phrase "As one First" the transcending essence of the Tecton --- the one stable thing in a First's universe that they could count on at any time or place is the bond among Firsts.  Shared this one common experience.  "There were forces that governed their lives that no outsiders could understand, forces strong enough to weld them together in an intimacy deeper than any family's, deeper than any Householding's." 

Oaths to Zeor, to the Firsts, to the Tecton, should all be one oath.

Oath reminds Digen of a part of the Hippocratic Oath --- Firsts only ask more of themselves. 

(Source:  Index card file. "Oath of Firsts -- First Order" --- Attributed to Jean Lorrah)  April 20, 1977 --- Form the First Order channels into what is essentially a group marriage --- patterned after situation in a Householding. 

May 10, 1977 --- Low-TN-1 Qualifying transfer for the Gen:  a slil experience:  more a sourceless pleasure, gratification, relaxation.  Also 1 or 2 connecting synapses close and he might learn to recognize some of his own body responses as linked to the channel's need and caused by it.  Can also be transcendental spiritual experience, self-insight, almost religious conversion type of experience.  A POWERFUL experience in any case.  Welds all Firsts together into a family of people who accept responsibility for one another --- group separated distinctly from people who have not had this experience.

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