Gen - Male

TN-2 (Second Order) or TN-3 (Third Order)

Grows up in Gen Territory --- son of Risa's father's older brother who established and escaped --- heard stories about how much better it was in-Territory.  With Unity, hears about Keon and Risa Tigue.  Risa welcomes him --- he quickly becomes TN-3 and works toward TN-2.  Becomes dissatisfied with Tecton and believes family business should have come to him rather than Risa.  Goes into business with a "House of Ill Repute" featuring illicit transfers, shiltpron parlor, like message parlor.  Outer room features shiltpron music with Gens present.  Eventually a whole chain of such establishments exist.   (Source:  Index card file.  Attributed to Jean Lorrah --- June 13, 1977)

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