Appears in: First Channel, Channel's Destiny

GenCompanion – Male

One of Carlana Lodge's children.  Brother to Jana Lodge.

In First Channel, Owen is a child and is friends with Zeth Farris, the son of Rimon and Kadi.

In Channel's Destiny he loses an arm to Sime Raiders when they cut it off with the intentions of having him die in changeover. He survives because he begins establishment while Rimon is desperately trying to heal him.

Depressed because he cannot become a Companion to Zeth, when he changes over, Owen leaves Fort Freedom and goes across the border, coming back every few months with messages and goods from their Gen friends and families.

He gives Zeth First Transfer, even with one arm, after Zeth had crossed the border seeking help from the Gens and going into changeover in Gen Territory.

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