Hrel's pledge immediately after disjunction --- almost as if the disjunction itself was the real pledge.

Hrel seated on a "throne."  Klyd kneels before him, offering an ornately embroidered stole containing the Householding Crest, draped over his hands --- Hrel joins hands with Klyd's under the cloth, then lifts their joined hands and displays it to the group, before draping the stole around Klyd's neck and raising him to his feet.  No words were exchanged, the act took place in silence.

Klyd puts Crest Ring on to Hrel's finger saying, "Unto the House of Zeor, Forever!" which Hrel repeats.  A pledge is for a lifetime, joining life to Zeor "forever."  (Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)

From: Mahogany Trinrose, Ch 9. (Ercy making her pledge to Zeor via her father, Sectuib, Digen Farris at her breakout and first transfer) - 'He took the Zeor crest ring off his finger and held it out to her. As they had rehearsed it, she placed her hands over the ring, and Im'ran covered their hands with the shiny Zeor blue cloth, cutting the crazy confusion of fields to bearable limits for her.

"Unto the House of Zeor," said Ercy, in what she hoped was a clear voice, "I pledge my heart, my hand, my substance. And unto Digen Farris, Sectuib in Zeor, I pledge my life, my trust, my undying loyalty,as from death I am born, Unto Zeor, Forever."

Digen said, his voice as hoarse as Ercy's, "Unto Aild Ercy Farris ambrov Zeor, I pledge my substance, my trust, my undying loyalty, in my own name, born from death, Unto Zeor, Forever." '

From: Unto Zeor, Forever, Ch 13. (Hayashi's pledge to Zeor, through Sectiub Digen Farris after refusing to let Digen operate to save his life unless he accepted his pledge, thus protecting Digen from the Controller's Injunction placed on digen.) 'Digen twisted off the ring he wore bearing the double Tecton/Zeor crest, and thrust it into Hayashi's left hand."Pledge then," he said, "and may father forgive you this, and Vira, and Nigel, and Wyner, and Bett too! Because I can't guarantee I ever will!"

Taking the ring, Hayashi said, gathering his last strength,"Unto the House of Zeor, I pledge,”my heart, my hand, my substance. And unto Digen Farris,”heir to Orim Farris,”Sectuib in Zeor, I pledge my life, my trust,”my,”undying loyalty. I commit my life, my substance, and my children,”Out of Death To Be Born,”Unto Zeor, Forever."

Forcing the words through tightened throat, Digen said,"Unto Rindaleo ambrov Zeor, I pledge,”my,”substance my,”trust,”my undying loyalty, in my own name,”born from death, Unto Zeor, Forever."

In the faintest whisper Hayashi said, breathing heavily, Do what you will, Sectuib. Sectuib Farris, I rest content." '

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