Immediately following transfer or Kill, a Sime is usually left hypoconscious, a state in which the Sime is  hypersensitive to the ordinary senses.  Also at this moment, any highly charged emotional experiences that have occured since turnover diverted the ability to experience emotion erupt into the conscious mind, and the associated emotion rips through the Sime.  Individually, these are referred to as Post Reactions.  Post Syndrom is the complex compounding of all these reactions simultaneously, and for a time of about three days after transfer or Kill. 

Post Syndrome consists of both hightened sensitivity to physical stimuli (sound, touch, color, bright lights, taste), along with riptides of backed up emotional experiences, in sequence or all at once. 

Thus Post Syndrome is notorious for unstable, erratic behavior, anything from crying fits to elation, depression, or -- in its healthiest form, by sexual excitement, or all of the above.  It usually is the occasion for a channel to have some time off the work roster when this instability strikes. 

Companions often find that their own rhythms fall into sync with the channels they serve, and they often speak of experiencing post-syndrome with the channels (to which channels tend to laugh indulgently). However this becomes pronounced enough to measure objectively only among the highest order channels and Companions where it is taken very seriously indeed.  (also see:  Post Syndrome)

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