Entran symptoms that affect the primary system in a channel.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, ForeverWyner suffered from it a couple of times.  Sigen feels he suffers from primary system emtran --- long cramped and abused rebelling against transfers that had been forced into him.

(1)  Ditana Amanso surgery --- Digen rides up to hyperconsciousness on her fields (heavy production) then snaps back to duoconsciousness when a high-selyn area is cut --- finds this enjoyable --- suddenly goes hypoconscious:  primary system reacts with both entran and Post Syndrome symptoms

Odd giddy sickness; hypoconsciousness; spasms in the middle; tension at back of neck.  Can't hold internal systems in balance.

(2)  "Jammed neural currents" --- took Hayashi and Ilyana giving a "solid, high bounce deproda" to readjust him.  Later gives transfer to Skip after he escapes from the room.  Wants out-Territory woman, then Ilyana.

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