Psychic abilites such as telekenisis, pyrotics, astral travel, even prophecy appear first among a small percentage of 4+ Farris channels.  Del Rimon Farris, though only potentially 4+, experienced a number of disruptive manifestations of Endowment and left the Zeor Farris family with lore and legend about the Endowment.    

In the Sime~Gen Universe, ghosts are "real" in the sense that some Endowed have seen the deceased and learned true things from them.  Visions of past lives occasionally surface, and the facts are verifyable.  Astral travel to past or future Events is possible, though rare. 

Any human can manifest various forms of Endowment, or psychic abilities, such as have been recorded among Ancients.  When the Endowment appears among channels, it brings these manifestations to a whole new level.

With Digen Farris's final illness, the Tecton first documents such eruptions of Endowment in Farris channels trained and conditioned beyond the channel's personal limits, and injured in such a way as to open a connection between Primary and Secondary selyn transport systems, and Primary to Primary and Secondary to Secondary -- a selyn circulation pattern known as the junct pathways.

In 113 Unity, when Digen Farris was born, the Tecton didn't (officially) know about the Endowment, but the School of Rathor had collected and preserved all the information that the Ancients had amassed on psychic phenomena, then experimented and added to that body of knowledge, producing a functional method of training both channels and Gens to utilize these talents.  Halimer Grant is an example of a Gen trained to partner the Endowed channels.

Because the Endowment functions through the junct pathways, it is too closely associated with the Kill for the Tecton to accept.  Eventually, though, it is observed that Endowed functioning can appear only in those who can not Kill.  The question is opened about whether this has always been the case, or whether continued genetic mutation has caused it to become the case -- or maybe something else is going on.  See How To Use This Wiki

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