One of the psi abilities attributed to the Endowed.

The ability to move objects by mental effort alone. In Mahogany Trinrose, Ercy Farris discovered that she had this ability while at the Rialite School.

The first Endowed to be identified are Farris channels.

(Source:  Index card file.  The Channel's Exemption --- is able to slow the fall of a monsterous tree ("hung over their heads.") The trunk over 30 feet in diameter --- deflected it to the side.  Some of the branches more than 6 foot thick.

METHOD --- "the two slender laterals at the sides of each arm stiffened as he threw selyn  ... into his secondary nervous system and out through the four nerve-rich lateral tentacles."

"It felt as if he were focusing four beams of psychokenetic power through those delicate laterals."

"He strengthened his body by consuming selyn at 100 times his basal metabolic rate ... and he knew he couldn't maintain it for more than a few seconds."  Then sprints away with "the last burst of augmentation left him."

"Yone was not in personal Need of selyn, but he had just expended nearly the entire reserve he'd gathered..." from the GN's.

Yone is left with "seared" and "sorely scorched" nerves --- pulse of newly created selyn in Lyvia's body revived his nerves. 

It apparently helps to have some warn-up or preparation before doing this. 

From: Mahogany Trinrose, Ch 16. 'Lying prone on the floor of their room, chins propped on their hands, the only light coming from a single candle, they concentrated on the needle. Ercy felt Joeslee's nager as solid as if it were a thrustblock behind her.

Abruptly, the needle skimmed across the bowl and hit the ceramic rim with an audible tink. The bowl tipped and then flipped up and over, splashing the water all over the carpet.

As this happened, Ercy felt a prickly tingling explode through her chest and etch dotted lines out to her fingers and toes. The world became dotted, like a newspaper photograph seen too close, then snapped back to normal, leaving her whole body feeling light and porous.'

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