A condition where the Sime's psychospacial orientation has been disturbed, causing them to lose their sense of where they are in the universe. When a Sime is moved while unconscious their sense of where they are when they wake up and where they were  before loosing consciousness clash.

Disorientation can cause nausea, pain, confusion and panic.

Psychospacial Orientation is the main trait that Simes use to astrogate in jump space.  When combined with the Beacon system, which gives Simes a "bright" point-source at a specific location, psychospacial orientation allows a Sime to guide a space ship with great accuracy.  The more sensitive the Sime, the greater the accuracy.  Sime passengers aboard a ship should be awake at Hop, Skip and Jump points to avoid disorientation.

(Source: House of Zeor, Ch 10) ' An explanation from Klyd Farris to Hugh Valleroy. "We have a sense that is lacking in the Gen. It is not usually obtrusive, but when disrupted...." He shuddered. "We always know exactly where we are. It seems to be connected with some fundamental uniqueness of every point in the universe. Right now, I'm aware of my position on the Earth. I'm aware of the spinning of the planet on its axis. I'm aware of the motion around the Sun. I can even sense, vaguely, the motion of the Sun around the galaxy. I suppose there must be some subliminal awareness of the motion of the galaxy through space. But when unconscious, I'm not aware of my motion relative to the Earth's surface. When awareness returns, the conscious mind is convinced that the old position was the correct one, while the unconscious mind senses the new position. The confusion is...horrible!"'

(Source:  Index card file.  "Donation" by Jean Lorrah --- from AMBROV ZEOR fanzine #3 ---  When Risa was thrown from her horse and grazed by a bullet in the Wild Gen Raid, the trauma caused rapid use of her remaining selyn, putting her prematurely in Need.

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