When a Gen or channel is taps into another selyn storage level thus giving or accepting more selyn dynopters per transfer. Eg: a donor being able to go from GN-3 to GN-2 by being able to supply more selyn when donating to a channel, or, A 3rd Order (TN-3) Donor can qualify 2nd Order (TN-2) after having a Qualifying Transfer with a channel who over matches them, resulting in the heightening of their sensitivities and stretches their capabilities in selyn production and speed that they can give in Transfer.

Not everyone has the physiology necessary to qualify to a higher ranking.  Further information see Qualification Transfer

(Source:  Index card file, SIME DICTIONARY -- QUALIFY)  To serve the personal Need of a channel who makes no attempt to protect the Donor.  The channel draws at his own speed and to his own depth, the Sime controls the transfer, the Gen participates passively.

(Source:  Index card file, HOUSE OF ZEOR -- QUALIFY)  Apparently, simply to serve a channel's Need, in any kind of transfer -- this makes one a Companion.

Grandfather asks Klyd to have Denrau standing close by "monitoring everything and ready to step in if necessary," because they can't afford to lose Klyd.

(Source:  Index card file, UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER -- Third Draft --- QUALIFY)  A Donor's Qualification (on a level of TN-3, TN-2, TN-1 or 4+) occurs when a channel goes into a transfer full speed, not really caring about burning a Gen and the Gen simply relaxes his barriers and allows the channel to draw.  The channel won't really Kill the Gen but will be kicked into an abort.  Donor doesn't control the rate of transfer as a Therapist does.  Imrahan, as a four plus, can regain "control" of transfer by matching resistance to draw --- by regaining control of his own body.

A mutual Qualification (as Im's and Digen's) is a special bond --- an experience shared and unique between them -- a loyalty between them.

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