From: HOUSEHOLDING CHANEL INQUIRER #1 ( © NOVEMBER 1987)  as part of a question and answer artcle. ...'Rathor is an entire community wholly dedicated to spiritual advancement. They are God-centered white magicians, warrior-priests, etc. - an amalgam of every path currently in existence and some new ones evolved for the Sime~Gen situation. Their power is, to them, an irrelevant side-effect of pursuing God-Consciousness.'

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From Jacqueline Lichtenberg 2013: The School of Rathor was founded to preserve the Ancient knowledge of Magic, Witchcraft, and other esoteric and occult schools of thought. Thus Rathor is the source of expertise on the Endowment, and home of the biggest philosophical argument in human history -- What Are Channels Really For? Do channels exist to exercise the Endowment -- all of them? Or do they exist to provide the transfer of selyn to renSimes?

The Endowment genetic pattern is one, huge, exception to the Farris genetics rule - it blends perfectly and tenaciously with the Farris genetic pattern, persists even when dormant for generations, and usually reappears in a more stable form. Endowed Gens like Solamar and Halimer Grant provide that stability.

(Source:  The Starred Cross: A Peace Symbol -- 2003 --- By Jacqueline Lichtenberg  "... In later novels, we find that these shrines <of the Starred Cross> are established and maintained by the School of Rathor, a secret society whose very existence is not known to the general public. They can do magick as well as ESP..."

See also: Mahogany Trinrose, RenSime

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