From: Easy as Hop, Skip and Jump.   (  A field generator that marked the location of the Beacons in space. It required an Astrogator to use the Reeves Projector. See Astrogator

The DeBroglie technology is evolved from the Reeves Projector which is related to the nageric amplifyer invented by Bru.  The DeBroglie beacons are planted by the Beacon Corps at strategic points throughout the galaxy and allow Sime astrogators to target arrival points with high precision. 

From: Operation High Time.   (   A standard marker that was used to supplement light by creating an interference pattern that Simes could sense. Mairis Farris used these so they could be located when he and the Fieldmans were being held captive.

(Source:  Index card file.  Operation High Time  Reeves projectors mounted on huge poles at abandoned copter field.  Markers used to supplement lights, creating an "interference pattern" any sime can sense --- take hours to warm up.

Mairis turns these on to attract attention, and succeeds.

Fed by selyn-packed batteries.

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