Reloc Bazaar, where Kadi had been taken by Gen traders to be sold as a Choice Kill.

From: First Channel, Ch 2. 'The Reloc Bazaar! The place that catered to all extremes of exotic,and perverted,Sime taste. If Kadi were sold there, she might be tortured first. She might be, Rimon didn't even know the possibilities, having heard the Reloc Bazaar spoken of all his life only in hushed whispers.'

(Source:  Index card file.  "Reloc Bazaar"  --- First Channel)  The Reloc Bazaar catered to all extremes of exotic and perverted sime taste --- spoken of in "hushed whispers" on Genfarm.

Preparation takes over an hour --- stripped, showered, subjected to indignities meant to frighten --- guards allowed to Kill troublemakers.

Gens displayed in "jewel-like settings" -- out on the earth, in bits of cloth and jeweled collars sitting on velvet couches on display.  Guards in crisp livery to guard the merchandise.  Salesmen describe and sell the goods.

Have some place for Kills, or will prepare them for the road --- plain white riding culottes and stiff white tunic.  The collar and chain would be attached to the pommel of the owner's saddle.

Didn't give Kadi (who was considered "prime stock") water or food.

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