Appears in: Unto Zeor, Forever

Simechannel - Male


Also known as:  Rindaleo ambrov Zeor --  and -- Rin

The only channel ever to have been thrown out of the House of Zeor.

The man who can save the Tecton, but only with Digen's help.

(Source:  Index card file, UNTO ZEOR FOREVER)  Possibly the only indispensable man in the Tecton.  A large man with a limp, possibly from a bout of shaking plague

Description:  A bit taller than Digen, about 55 years old, sparse hair, gnarled old flesh," heavily lined face.

His disgrace came during a shaking plague epidemic when he deliberately disobeyed an order of Orim Farris', thereby rejecting the House. So Zeor and all other Houses respect him. Digen believes Orim wanted Rindaleo put out of Zeor.

Had last seen Digen when Digen was 4 years old.  Digen's "Uncle Rin," told Digen about greed and self-control after he ate a bowl of sugar frosting at Vira's changeover party. 

Aches with loneliness, keeps the Zeor disciplines.  Has been District and Regional Controller "often enough."

Uses training machines that he invented with Donors -- these teach Im how to compensate for Digen's lateral scar.

Shot in the arm (lateral injury) by Dr. Lankh -- dying of blood and selyn loss -- gets Digen to allow him to pledge Zeor before he cooperates with surgery.  After Digen runs off, recovers slowly, then comes up with a new equation with new constants which he thinks will give him the key to the wholesale training of Donors -- requires Digen and Ilyana to test it on.  Fanatically loyal to Digen -- gets the World Controller to allow him to come back to the Tecon.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Rindaleo Hayashi" --- Unto Zeor, Forever  - OUTLINE -- May 12, 1976)  Was ordered not to treat Orim for shaking plague, but risked himself anyway.  Caught the plague, lived through it only with a limp acquired from the nerve damage.  On his deathbed, Orim had charged, "He tried to help me even though I wouldn't let him.  See he's taken care of."  This was meant as a commendation for braveery, but was interpreted as a condemnation for disobedience.  Hayashi had not defended himself out of loyalty to Orim.  Injustice in Zeor.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever -- Third Draft)  Experiments --- to prevent a calloused barrier reflex -- to make a First out of a Gen with a low B factor.  Trying to lower a Donor's K factor by making him aware of the selyn flow at lower speeds, using bio-feedback methods dug out of Ancient records by the Gens.  So far, able to lower K factor about 1 percent.  Never worked with traumatized B's.  Had done some experiments on teaching Gens to read fields.  (see:  Proficiency Rating, and Proficiency Rating formula from the fanzine A COMPANION IN ZEOR #16

About 55, a bit taller than Digen, heavier boned.

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