Appears in: Ambrov Keon, Zelerod's Doom, short story "Donation"

Sime Channel - Female

Disjunct channel, Sectuib in Keon and the acknowledged leading figure in Gulf Territory, she is the architect of her territory's golden age and sees no reason why her methods won't work on a larger scale--until she sees the size of Nivet Territory, and modifies her ideas as well as her opinion of the Farrises.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Donation" by Jean Lorrah  Age 19, disjuncted channel from Householding Keon.  Gave transfer to Sectuib Nedd Varnst's wife, Litith, during childbirth. Worked in the Keon dispensary for two years.

Sister of Kreg.  Responsible for her brother, Kreg, since her father's death.  They had different mothers.  She took Kreg with her when she joined the Householding. She feared she would lose him should he turn Gen.

Risa's mother had died giving birth to her because she was a channel baby, depleting her mother of selyn at her birth.

Felt "a gentle emotional aura" (Companion) from Sergi. Sergi gave her the first transfer without a Kill at the Shrine of the Starred Cross after a Wild Gen raid.  They traveled back toward Norlea, where Sergi would wait at Householding Carre for Risa's next transfer in the hope that she would join a Householding.

Risa took her brother's first transfer after her disjunction. She had an unusually difficult time with disjunction and almost died.

Nedd provided Risa's first transfer from a channel.

See: Sergi, Mor

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