Appears in: Unto Zeor, Forever

Sime - channel (non-functioning) - Male

Ilyana's older brother who took on the role of head of Rior while she was away.
He lived in a perfect Distect marriage. His transfer partner was Fenris, his wife, Dula, was a Sime.

Although Distect Householdings have always had a Gen Leader, Sosectu, he refused to allow Ilyana that right on her return.

Attacked Digen for interfering when he went for Imrahan, resulting in getting Sime to Sime transfer from Digen as he intervened. Angry at the intrusion, Roshi demanded Digen pledge to Rior. When Digen refused to pledge to Roshi, he put Digen under house arrest, along with Ilyana, Imrahan and Joel Hogan.

While developing a strain of shaking plague that he was intent on letting loose within the Tecton, he and others were exposed. He survived only because Digen and Joel performed surgery on him. And it became known that he was actually a Farris, as was Ilyana.

He had two daughters, Aliase and Shurban,

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