The camp site of Runzi's Raiders where they had buildings set up and was used as a base. This is where Klyd and Hugh were taken when they were finally captured. On arrival they were put in suspended cages, and in the cage next to Klyd, was Aisha

From: House of Zeor, Ch 12. 'On the third morning, they rounded a bend in the old road that Valleroy thought must be Ancient handiwork. They came out immediately into the main encampment of the Runzi Raiders. To their right and a little to the west of them Valleroy spotted Hanrahan Pass. There was a deep, majestic, evergreen-filled valley between them and the pass, but there was an old winding road that crossed the valley; it was barely visible as an intermittent scar among the dense foliage. To their left, in a large flat clearing at the foot of an enormous cliff, lay the camp.'

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