The strength of the selyn field created by an individual or a group. 

Like "potential energy" of any kind in physics, a Selyn Field Potential is simply that - potential, not actual.  Think of two electrical induction coils and the field between them when each is energized with electricity.  The physics and math that describes selyn is very similar to, but far from identical with, that which describes electricity.  Selyn and electricity are two very different energies in the universe.

As the mathematical advance of learning how to use the square root of -1 (i)  made it possible to design electrical circuitry, so too does a mathematical advance (by the mathematical genius Zelerod who reinvented calculus from scratch -- without a clue from Ancient manuscripts)  in theoretical mathematics lead to the design of orgonics circuitry powered by selyn.  Mathematical advances almost always preceed technological advances, though empirical experimentation (think Benjamin Franklin and his Kite) may intrigue the mathematicians first. 

From: House of Zeor, Ch 3. '...With each passing day his (Hugh Valleroy) body produced and stored more selyn, increasing his Selyn Potential Field ...'

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