The two Selyn Systems of the channel which function to "transport" selyn, to move it from one person to another, or within the channel via the vriamic node from secondary system to primary system

The Primary System is for personal Need and is utilized in the same manner that a renSime uses stored selyn, to maintain life's metabolic functions. The Secondary System is present only in channels and is not found in renSimes, and is for storing selyn that Gens donate to channels.  The channel uses the selyn transport system to pass donated selyn on to renSimes in transfer so that the renSimes never feel the Need to seek their selyn from Gens.

The Distect philosophy regards preventing renSimes from feeling Need to be a cruel deprivation.  Much science is done during the Interstellar era to attempt to prove that depriving a renSime of the experiences of extreme Need and direct satisfaction from a Gen actually shortens lifespan and prevents development of any Endowed talent that might be present.  The results of studies of the Selyn Transport System in channels remain equivocal as there are so many varieties and variations among human genetic strains that statistical studies are meaningless.  What is obviously true for one person, is clearly not true for another. 

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