Appears in: Ambrov Keon, Zelerod's Doom, Donation

Gen Companion - Male

"Donation" by Jean Lorrah

Born into Keon under the prior Sectuib, Sergi is fulfilled as Risa's First Companion, though neither health care nor administration is his calling.  He is artist and metallurgist, feeling a strong kinship with Hugh.  However, he often wonders what his life might have been like had he pledged to Zeor to become Klyd's Companion.  He doesn't realize what the Farris touch on him may do to Risa, or her relationship with Klyd Farris. Sergi and Risa have a son who's name is Mor Kreg ambrov Keon.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Donation" by Jean Lorrah --- Originally appeared in the fanzine AMBROV ZEOR # 3  Very large Gen with blond hair, rich voice.  A Companion.  Found Risa, a non-Householded Sime near attrition in the Shrine of the Starred Cross, and found her to be a channel.

(Source:  Index card file.  Ambrov KeonFirst Companion in Keon.  Partly deaf due to explosion.  Artist and craftsman.  Born in Keon.  Had an offer while young to be trained in Zeor.

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