From: 3rd draft, Unto Zeor, Forever  -- 3rd draft is an early draft with much transfer mechanics detail that had to be cut from the published novel (which won an award because of the cuts). 

An A Prime Functional, the shock-qualification is a type of Qualification transfer that (should the one thus Qualified somehow survive the experience) will produce a Proficiency Rating off the charts. 

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  An A-prime functional:  In certain points not distinguishable from a Killmode attack --- difference in control --- always in very strict control, onset and 'terminal transients,' smoothness, special depth equivalent. 

A Zeor technique that had given the world some of its best Donors.

A strong channel lulls the Gen into a sense of security by insisting he'll only take from the GN levels, then in mid-transfer, to strip the TN levels faster than the Gen's barriers could rise.  This avoids the feeling of draw through raised barriers that causes pain/panic, and allows Gen to function as a Donor.

Illegal, except when being taught by one Zeor channel to another on a volunteer Gen to preserve the knowledge.

Apparently a form of personal transfer.

A case where Zeor/Tecton law conflicts.  Illegal in Tecton because it is a kill-or-cure measure.  Sometimes the channel gets killed, or goes junct.

Lowers the K-Factor.

Lull B-Factor as high as possible, get Gen in perfect emotional state.  Channel is faster than Donor's S3V; K-Factor unimportant, because signal that selyn flow had begun wouldn't reach Gen's brain until channel was gone.

Once the TN-1 level is tripped, the Gen either dies, or selyn production increases by orders of magnitude.  This sets in motion a physiological process which works against the barrier blockage, pushing B-Factor back where it belongs, and lowering K into its normal minimum.  Psychological trauma left to be overcome, but body no longer fighting will.

Digen did it three times.  One died, two working as Firsts.

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