Also known as Way Stations of the children's underground for Gens escaping Sime Territory.

Contains: A cot, shutters on the windows, tiny space (but with a big stone fireplace), pitcher

(Source: Index card file. House of Zeor) From: Forward to the Web edition of the Starred Cross articles by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. 1997. 'It is first introduced into the Sime~Gen universe in the first novel that was published, House of Zeor. There it is established that there are way stations, places of refuge for children fleeing for their lives, called Shrines of the Starred-Cross. Inside, in addition to basic comforts, one can find a carved medallion starred-cross to take and wear. And the inscription says that if you believe in it, and don't fear, you will be protected.'

"...In later novels, we find that these shrines are established and maintained by the School of Rathor, a secret society whose very existence is not known to the general public. They can do magick as well as ESP...."  --- Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

The Starred Cross articles are located here:


Starred-Cross as drawn by Patric Michael.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Shrine of the Starred Cross" from "Donation" by Jean Lorrah --- Originally appeared in the fanzine AMBROV ZEOR #3)

Legend:  Faith in the Starred Cross protects Gens from the Kill of renSimes.

The Shrine is located on the Sime~Gen border.  Parents secretly take their children here from Sime Territory at about age ten so they will know how to escape to Gen Territory if they establish.  It's made of thick stone to partially hide the nager of newly established Gens.

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