In House of Zeor, Sime chemical products include the following items; truth drugs, fear gas, ink, furniture polish, photography.  Also see pages on Technology and Selyn-Powered Devises.

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor -- "Sime Chemistry")

(1)  Sheets of flexible, transparent, "dazzling" material, much the same stuff put around Raider cages.  Plastic, used to make greenhouses.

(2)  Heat sealing substance on message tube --- chemical that would flame if improperly opened.

(3)   Truth drugs

(4)  Fertility drugs

(5)  Fear gas and tranquilizers

(6)  Road building material:  a strange powdery substance over a gravel base --- seemed to dry quickly and provided good footing for horses while not trapping wagon wheels.

(7)  Ink

(8)  Furniture polish

(9)  Photography

(10)  Some kind of rust resistor --- no sign of rust in cage structures.

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