What Digen Ryan Farris is hoping to become because surgery, the cutting open of human flesh, is not something the average Sime can do. Digen is the exception due to the lateral tentacle injury he acquired many years ago.

See: Unto Zeor, Forever and Sime Surgeon. ( 132 Unity)

Excerpt from Index card file --- DIGEN RYAN FARRIS, Background ----  First Sime to intern in an all-Gen hospital.  But his control allows him to work among Gen suffering in the hospital, and to do "fancy and exotic specialty functionals."  Has been a working channel for 14 years --- or knows the Intern's work for 14 years.  Has a vriamic control never before seen in a channel --- can withstand cutting Gens from recovery through injury.

Excerpt from  Index card file ---  UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER ---  Digen's Story  Wants to become first sime surgeon to bring surgery in-Territory.  Goes to Gen schools.  At Westfield, meets opposition from Board and other doctors.  In Sime Center is shorted in transfer.  In charge of administration work of Changeover Ward and in-Territory Collectorium, performing only special channel's functionals.  Hospital:  He and Joel Hogan began in the Emergency Ward.   Skip Ozik, Ditana Amanso -- to surgery.  Taking part in lots of surgery -- his patients tended to survive. Controller's Injunction against in-Territory surgery.  Must do surgery to save Hayashi.

Link to "Sime Surgeon" on the domain ---

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