The language spoken by Simes. This includes tentacle gestures and nageric modulation to enhance their communications.

From the Domain --- Nivet Territory Accent Simelan Vocabulary Sound Files ---

(Source:  Index card file, HOUSE OF ZEOR)  Not quite cognate to English (in Nivet Territory).  Syntax often bewildering especially in the passive voice -- the result of the different way simes perceive reality.  Sime's most frequently used vocabulary concerned ordinary human matters.  Hugh has a background in Simelan from childhood and years of formal study in the Federal Police -- used to speak it secretly when alone with his mother.  Simelan uses a different written alphabet from "English," at least writing in script does, requiring transliteration.  Hugh can't read Sime handwriting very well.

(Source: Can Gens Master Simelan? A discussion from "Virtual Selyn," The Sime~Gen Mailing List. Link: