Here you will find sound files of the pronunciations of words found in the Sime~Gen Novels and Stories spoken by readers from different parts of the world. This is a little bit of fun and a good way to show how in the Sime~Gen Universe the same words will sound differently depending on where the person comes from. For anyone who requires the Official Pronunciation for reading Audio Books of for the 'Game', please see, Sime~Gen Nivet Territory Pronunciations from Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Have fun reading these words and phrases and keep checking back as more are added.


clinicdialogue Tongue in cheek fun from Halwyn

Translation: “Hajene Garth, go to the clinic and check on that bloke with the Transfer burns.” – “Sure thing Sectuib.” – “You sure his vriamic nodes are up to the pressure, he's only a Third” – “He'll be alright, no worries.” – “Garth, what are you doing back. Arn't you supposed to be looking after that guy with the burns?” – “Oh he carcked it.” (Carcked it = Aussie slang for died)

TrinAttrition -- A little bit of fun from Eliza and Zoe ambrov Halwyn -- From Queensland, Australia

Translation: “Go make me some trin.” – “What did your last slave die of?” – “ATTRITION!” – “Would you like one sugar or two sugars with that?”

Trin Portsan Shen -- Eliza, Garth and Zoe ambrov Halwyn -- From Queensland, Australia

Translation: “I'm making some Trin, anyone want some?” – “Any Portsan?” – “I'll check, I don't think so, I think you drank the last of it.” – “Oh Shen it.”


Hajene - (L'bah Territory, Sunshine Coast, Australia)

Sectuib - Head of Householding. (L'bah Territory, Sunshine Coast, Australia)

Shiltpron, and Shiltpron Parlour - (L'bah Territory, Sunshine Coast, Australia)


Digen Farris - From Unto Zeor, Forever. (L'bah Territory, Sunshine Coast, Australia)

Rimon Farris - from First Channel and Channel's Destiny. Wait a few seconds. (L'bah Territory, Sunshine Coast, Australia)

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