Appears in: Unto Zeor, Forever

Simechannel – Male

Skip Cudney, later changed last name to Ozik.  Also known as "Skyepar Ozik"

A fifteen-year-old boy, born among Simes but raised by Gens, goes through changeover while in the Gen Hospital where Digen is doing his internship. He becomes the bone of contention first between Digen and Hogan, then between Digen and Ilyana.

Skip Kills in first Need, thus becoming a junct channel, rare in Digen's time. Discovered later that Ozik is his family name and that his father was a channel.

(Source:  Index card file, referring to the changeover of Skyepar Ozik, (who was also known by the name Skip Cudney)  a channel. Card labeled SIME SURGEON --- additional information about the stages of changeover can be found on this wiki.    FIFTH stage of changeover (late):  Remott gland fully developed, body temperature up, tentacles bare threads, pupils dilated, patient unconscious.

SIXTH sequence:  Goes rapidly for a channel.transition to this stage brings more pain, writhing, first selyn flow to the laterals, causing surrounding muscles to go into spasm.  Victim should develop some control of selyn flows.  Beginning to feel Need which triggered breakout contractions.  Aggravated feeling of Need.  If breakout contractions begin too early it only wastes selyn too rapidly. Typical syndrome of out-Territory Gens subconsciously trying to fight off changeover to avoid being sime-overwhelmed by fear of simes, so they use selyn too fast, can't learn to reduce selyn consumption rate.

SEVENTH Stage: Breakout:  tentacles must be ready, sufficiently developed "the most precious experience of changeover" is the spontaneous rupturing of the membranes covering the tentacle orifices -- don't want to rupture them manually.  An early rupture can mean permanent crippling -- but may be necessary to get selyn into victim prematurely -- hence attempts to slow down "Need" process as long as possible while tentacles developed and fluid in sheaths put pressure on membranes.

Breakout contractions may need stimulation drug.  Channel raising showfield steeply to stimulate the sudden panic of First Need after keeping it low to avoid stimulation of Need.

A right of a channel to take First Transfer from a Gen.

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