From: Unto Zeor, Forever

Selyn powered train that runs on a single track. Digen is waiting for the slideroad train when he zlins a berserker stalking a Gen at the end of the platform.

From: Unto Zeor, Forever, Ch 1. ...'Before him, the track arrowed out of sight in both directions, a gleaming blue-green ceramic ribbon along which the train would slide on a cushion of air.'

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  The slideroad train travels on a "gleaming blue-green ceramic ribbon" slides on a cushion of air

Settled to rest, hovering a finger's breadth above the track, long, cross-country train, has cars, selyn-field insulated.  Steps retract and doors seal.  Whole stretches of track could be used in only one direction at a time.  "Hissing" passage of the train.

Train lifts on its float fields, car by car, raising to traveling height, blowing grit from track beneath it. 

There was flourishing growth of the country due to the slideroads.

(Source:  Index card file.  Attributed to Jean Lorrah)  Refractory material used in the bed -- if any metal, only as very thin wires.  Train repelled above the surface by a selyn field effect.  Part of what makes Digen so sick.

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