Appears in: First Channel

Sime - renSime - Female

Slina runs the local Pen near Fort Freedom. Becomes good friends with Rimon and the people of the Fort. She comes to admire Kadi.

Slina's dagger becomes a primary symbol for Zeor.  See how it is used in The Farris Channel at Fort Rimon.

Zeor Dagger by Nim, as seen in the Fanzine Ambrov Zeor No.5

(Source:  Index card file.  First Channel)  Runs the holding Pen in a town near Fort Freedom, and does some Gen-breeding -- insists on a monopoly on Gen-breeding.  Her men and women are underfed, but strong and well-armed.  Slina often wears a dagger.  Becomes friendly to Rimon after he saves Risko --- gives Rimon and Kadi a goat for milk and cheese.

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