Appears in: The Farris Channel SimeChannel – Male Solamar is a previous incarnation of Halimer Grant.

School of Rathor. Heilro. Once had a karmic relationship with (Del Rimon's) "Dad" that required a commitment and he blew it. In THE NEED (unpublished screenplay), Solamar screws up with Dad, and the result is Bigfingers - born in a pen and lost to Rathor. In The Farris Channel Solarmar faces up to finishing Dad's karma as an obligation.

Solamar rides a Chesnut Mare named Trilli into Fort Rimon - young, fine condition, Solamar lets everyone assume he is just a refugee from Fort Faraway -- which has been completely wiped out.

Has a sexual interest in Oberin who accepts him as a fighting channel. But he falls for Lexy hard.  Lexy is taller than Solamar.

Kahleen is assigned as Solamar's companion.

Never a great student of astral travel, (obe), and never a teacher. He must have had an endowed Gen "wanderer" (astral traveler during sleep) die during transfer with him.

Up to Chap9 he had not mastered art of giving disjunct transfer spiced with fear.

Father is Rhodilan Grant -- Grandfather Halimer infected Solamar with a passion for the Farris mystique. School of Rathor is divided on issue of whether the world should rely on channels to distribute selyn.

ONLY 3 times before Tuzhel has Solamar conducted a disjunction (not counting the fake demo for Tuzhel).

Losa is Solamar's Tanhara Companion who dies in the Raid on arrival, and he's assigned to Clire's Companion Kahleen Colin Drake. Had a wonderful husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat before Tanhara was destroyed. Only 2 kids survive, adopted by a neighbor family.

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