Starred-Cross as drawn by Patric Michael.

Symbol designed and left in hiding places for those who have established as Gen in Sime Territory and manage to escape. These hidden places are known as the Shrine of the Starred Cross. The Starred-Cross is a five pointed star set on an equal armed cross.

The Shrines of the Starred-Cross and the Starred-Cross symbol were created and maintained by the School of Rathor field operatives.  While Rathor does "magic" and has mastered the Endowment, the Starred-Cross is not inherently magical. Gen Fear is what attracts Simes in Need.  A tangible symbol believed to protect, allays fear and thus actually does protect.  But these things are not known outside of Rathor in the superstitious junct world.

(From House of Zeor, Ch.3) 'When facing a Sime, his (Hugh's) mother had told him, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. The starred-cross will keep you safe, if you have faith in it.'

(Source:  Index card file, HOUSE OF ZEORHugh wears a starred-cross around his neck under his shirt -- hadn't worn it since he was promoted to a desk job.  Wearing it is illegal or inadvisable in Gen Territory (would somehow prove him guilty of sedition -- maybe because his mother came from in-Territory) if anybody knew what it was.  A talisman -- protected his mother as she fled Sime-Territory.  Hugh believes that while he has faith in the Starred-Cross, he can't be hurt.  "If faith in a talisman removes fear, then faith protects." 

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