In Unto Zeor, Forever, Digen Farris, Sectuib in Zeor, is training out-Territory to become a surgeon and hopes to be the first Sime to be able to perform surgery and thus bring these techniques in-Territory to save Sime lives.

(Source:  Index card file. The card is marked SURGERY -- Unto Zeor, Forever -- Third Draft.)  It reads:   note on manuscript -- Hayashi's operation:  You know if I were lazy, I could just end the book right here with the Tecton ACCEPTING Digen's coup, and happy-ever-after-time.  But it would be a cop-out.  People, en masse just aren't that rational, and it would ring awfully phoney, strained and wrong to me.  Question:  "What has my ending got that that ending hasn't got?  What does it say, that makes the length of the book worthwhile?"

Later note on how Digen goes junct:  junctedness issue doesn't come up on surgery on a channel -- on a powerful Donor Digen would need a good Donor to protect him or he'd end up really junct.  Digen has to have Ilyana to keep Hayashi from voiding selyn to death during surgery.  Ilyana's a drifter, and when she syncs with Digen bridging to Hayashi, it becomes unexpectedly just as if Digen were cutting up Ilyana's own flesh.

(Source:  Index card file.  The card is marked SURGERY -- Sime Surgeon -  ON SIMES --- not done at all, not even autopsies must be done (or assisted) by a sime who can sense nerve position, selyn content, flux levels, currents.  Even within sub-mutations, nerve placement isn't uniform.

ON GENS:  (See "empathy") for discussion of problems.  Only Digen can do it because he has gained conscious control of deep selyn flows and mechanisms because of his lateral scar (he is unique) --- then must let off steam after.

Would be possible for almost any good channel to do surgery, with a very special surgical team.  Very skilled Donors to be the team, with a channel who knew both medicine and Gens directing them. 

Collectively, this group could mask out the patient's nager (other channel would control the ambient nager) --- then surgeon wouldn't be hurt, and Tecton objections would disappear.

ON HAYASHI (lateral repair) --- Opening up vriamic node; channel holds shunt of the selyn flows, own body functioning as other half of Hayashi's body, circuit matching circuit; high field Donor to hold patient at low rate and remove retainer.  Then channel delivers selyn direct into viramic node.  (First causes dreadful turbulence in own system; second Hayashi draws on Digen's own personal reserves.)  To restart heart, send a selyn current into it.  To restart selyn CIRCULATION, induce a "potential variance."

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  SURGERY ON A SIME --- If a Gen should slip and hit a transport nerve with needle or scalpel, he could suffer a selyn flashburn that would be worse than transfer shock.  If really hit in wrong place, could kill everyone in the room.   

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